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Covid 19 – Corona Virus

By Lexi | April 27, 2020

As we watch the number of cases grow, the difficulty and devastation is a call to empathy and love.  The micro world of viruses and bacteria has always been present, but we are all feeling the current urge for  cleanliness that beckons the entire world. Keeping a house disinfected is an important element to staying safe in cold and flu seasons, and that’s only more important now.  We should all know the proper steps to sanitize our hands, bodies, and our homes.  Keeping a house free of infection is a great benefit for the Covid season we are all facing…

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Bathroom Blues

By Lexi | April 27, 2020

Of all rooms, bathrooms can easily collect the most dirt and grime.  Most people are frequently surprised at how dirty a bathroom gets, even just a week after they cleaned it themselves.  Over time, the soap scum and calcium deposits begin to build up again, so that even a decent cleaning leaves the room feeling dingy and old. Staying on top of bathrooms is a cleaner’s dream, but the time involved with keeping up with a few sinks, toilets, and tubs is substantial.  Cleaning services often thrive at tackling these most difficult rooms, all while keeping up the difficult maintenance…

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Deep Cleaning

By Lexi | April 27, 2020

Most people don’t clean their whole house every week (or month) and yes, tidy living can make this possible… but when the time comes, deep cleaning your own home can be a great but painful experience.  When your hands, eyes, and elbows aren’t used to the frantic pace and methodical motions of cleaning, it can be downright exhausting.  While most home owners know how to clean, the details of deep cleaning can be difficult to keep up with.  Soap scum, calcium deposits, and an array of dirt and grime types can mean days of cleaning, just to catch up to…

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Lexi Maids House Cleaning Service

By Lexi | April 27, 2020

When it’s time to shine – Lexi Maids steps up. We are a company founded on the principles of giving customers what they expect. As a service provider, we find no excuse to give anything but good service – and it shows! We hire experienced cleaning professionals, which means they have many cleaning appointments in their past. This leads to reliable service. Additionally, as a company we keep in touch so that we know your appointment went well. Many companies hide from understanding more about how their services were performed, but Lexi Maids likes to hear how you liked your…

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