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Micro Fiber Cloth for Cleaning

By Lexi | June 2, 2020

For some jobs, nothing beats a good microfiber cloth! The feeling of such a smooth rag being pushed across the paint of a freshly washed car is too good to forget. While such a silky material is nice, it’s not necessary for most cleaning, but we can take a moment to honor one of the newest technologies in household cleaning materials! These wonderful rags contain millions of microscopic surfaces, each as smooth as the next – that’s why dull surfaces can seem revitalized with a nice wax coating put on by such a rag, the fine surface adds a buffing…

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Having a Clean House, with Pets!

By Lexi | June 1, 2020

Having a loving pet is one of the most rewarding things in life.  They are always there for you, and appreciate your care.  No matter where you live, from London to St. Louis, the bond with pets remains the same.  The little messes they create are also similar! Maids are ready to tackle the common issue of pet hair that collects in small corners, and they can work with you to maintain a cleaner healthier lifestyle.  Pet dander is the number one cause of allergies, aside from seasonal outdoor pollen and mold. Here are some tips to purify the home…

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What Color Towels Are Best?

By Lexi | May 21, 2020

Believe it or not, are three schools of thought pertaining to what color towels are best. Amazingly, the wrong color towel can lead to a lot of problems. 1. White Towels bleach easy, they take hot water washes without fading, and won’t get splotches if you bleach your hair and use the towel to dry it. 2. Dark towels will look newer in the short to medium term because they conceal the subtle dullness that happens especially in the middle of the towel, which people use most when drying after showers. However, dark towels can get faded or a worn…

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End of Lease Cleaning

By Lexi | May 19, 2020

If you are a renter and it’s time to move out after the lease has ended, doing an excellent job cleaning up can help ensure your deposit comes back in full!  Many landlords are looking out for overall maintenance and well-being of their property, so seeing a perfect move-out helps them think kindly of their renter, and they will be less critical when thinking about your deposit.  Keeping your deposit is great, and losing it is very frustrating. It’s important to focus on the details and not leave baked-on scum in the oven, filth in the bathroom shower or around…

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Cleaning Your Washing Machine

By Lexi | May 17, 2020

Due to the nature of washing machines – being that they are technically being cleaned every time you use them – regular cleaning of the machine itself is not necessary.  However, every once in a while, a machine can pick up a slight film or a subtle hint of odor.  Let’s cover some tips to keeping that tub in top shape. First, some people like to close the lid after the clothes have been unloaded.  This can keep the interior in a permanent condition of being slightly humid, if not a little wet.  Keeping the lid open after loads will…

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Cost of House Cleaning Products: How Much Should I Spend?

By Lexi | May 15, 2020

Fortunately, there are a lot of good answers to this question.  Every grocery store has dozens of products to choose from.  There are major household names like Clorox, Pledge, Glade, and Lysol.  These are good products, but for personal use, they are not always required.  Off-brand cleaners can be effective for casual use, though they might not always cut the mustard, and you might not feel like experimenting.  However, it’s important to note that the most famous brands are on store shelves, not because they are better, but because large corporations have a lot of money to push their products…

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The Best Vacuum For The Home

By Lexi | May 15, 2020

A really expensive vacuum cleaner might not always be the best option.  If the machine is ultra-lightweight but has really high suction power, it might be worth it.  However, many of today’s modern vacuums are extremely heavy and very slow to move.  Sometimes these vacuums will have very high suction which can be useful in really pulling embedded dust and dirt out of carpets, but the slowness of the machine use will make it a pain to use on a daily or weekly basis.  Because of this, for large houses, there might even be good reason to have two vacuums…

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Saint Louis Covid Efforts

By Lexi | May 14, 2020

Comparatively, Missouri has performed exceptionally in the Covid era. Even medical staffers assert that St. Louis medical response has been far above-average to excellent. As we all go around town, seeing people taking social distancing precautions, it’s clear that Missourians and Illinoisans care about each other, and their families. It’s no surprise as kindness has been well-noted in this area for decades as St. Louis and surrounding area has been voted among the best home in sports, such as baseball. It’s important to shout out about how great everyone is doing in a time that has presented many challenges. We…

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Covid 19 – Corona Virus

By Lexi | April 27, 2020

As we watch the number of cases grow, the difficulty and devastation is a call to empathy and love.  The micro world of viruses and bacteria has always been present, but we are all feeling the current urge for  cleanliness that beckons the entire world. Keeping a house disinfected is an important element to staying safe in cold and flu seasons, and that’s only more important now.  We should all know the proper steps to sanitize our hands, bodies, and our homes.  Keeping a house free of infection is a great benefit for the Covid season we are all facing…

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Bathroom Blues

By Lexi | April 27, 2020

Of all rooms, bathrooms can easily collect the most dirt and grime.  Most people are frequently surprised at how dirty a bathroom gets, even just a week after they cleaned it themselves.  Over time, the soap scum and calcium deposits begin to build up again, so that even a decent cleaning leaves the room feeling dingy and old. Staying on top of bathrooms is a cleaner’s dream, but the time involved with keeping up with a few sinks, toilets, and tubs is substantial.  Cleaning services often thrive at tackling these most difficult rooms, all while keeping up the difficult maintenance…

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