best cleaning products

Fortunately, there are a lot of good answers to this question.  Every grocery store has dozens of products to choose from.  There are major household names like Clorox, Pledge, Glade, and Lysol.  These are good products, but for personal use, they are not always required.  Off-brand cleaners can be effective for casual use, though they might not always cut the mustard, and you might not feel like experimenting.  However, it's important to note that the most famous brands are on store shelves, not because they are better, but because large corporations have a lot of money to push their products into stores - often forcing smaller companies out.

For this reason it's great to consider other products, some for special purposes, some because you like the way they smell, or the because you like the impact they have on your house.

There are also high quality bulk cleaners, that pros use in some circumstances.  They pack a punch and can be affordable due to the high quantity purchase.

While there no one right answer as to how much cleaning materials can cost, you can certainly bet that you can custom tailor your host of products with a little experimentation.  Many people find that their "old reliable brand" actually pales in some dynamic compared to other products on the market.