When it comes to getting a cleaning job done right, there are thousands of tips, but here’s a few that’ll get you going:

1. Start high and move low, this helps keep dust falling down on surfaces that are not clean already. You can use a vacuum or even a feather duster to reach the edges of the carpets to get rid of cobwebs and dust bunnies. Can't reach? Use a broom or tape a feather duster to a broom pole!

2. Remove any rugs from high-traffic areas and put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. If a dryer will cause damage, it's great to hand them over a bar and aim a fan on them overnight, that will prevent any mildew smell. Allow them to fully air dry before re-position back where they were originally.

3. Fill a large bucket with water and dish soap and set out all the screen doors and other large screens around to be scrubbed so they’re ready for patio season. This is also a great DIY chore for any boisterous kids you might have at home!

4. Sometimes it’s good to clear out your kids clutter, moving some toys and games to an accessible storage place, so they don’t get accustomed to living in a lot of clutter. Don’t forget their sports equipment, too, if they happen to have any. You don’t even have to take the stuff down – you put a low shelf in the garage or basement for this. This way your kids learn to manage active use items, and storage as well.

Spring time is not only that time of year when flowers bloom, but it is also that magical time of year when we start fresh, clean and get our homes well-organized. After a busy fall and winter filled with errands, school, doctor appointments and holiday activities, spring is the perfect time for you to take a moment out of your busy schedule and organize your home, whether it’s in one of your spring cleaning lists, or through a list of goals that you might want to achieve, as well as to spend some time expressing your gratitude for the abundance we have in our homes and lives in general.
You have a lot to deal with in addition to spring cleaning, including setting some goals and reflecting on the seasonal change and how it affects one’s life.

Sometimes this transition can be a good time to set some goals for the new season and re-spark those new resolutions! This will help spur motivation when the end of each season comes. With this done you will be able to create a list of new goals, and you'll set yourself up for great success by the end of the year. It’s good to aspire towards a nice lifestyle and be happy – to find time to appreciate life.

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