micro fiber cloth polishes well

For some jobs, nothing beats a good microfiber cloth! The feeling of such a smooth rag being pushed across the paint of a freshly washed car is too good to forget. While such a silky material is nice, it’s not necessary for most cleaning, but we can take a moment to honor one of the newest technologies in household cleaning materials!

These wonderful rags contain millions of microscopic surfaces, each as smooth as the next – that’s why dull surfaces can seem revitalized with a nice wax coating put on by such a rag, the fine surface adds a buffing element at the same time as it spreads the coating.

These days microfiber rags can even be found at the dollar store – who could pass that up? While all M.F. cloth is not created the same, it’s important to note that your average surface will not benefit much from a high dollar alternative. One issue with cheap rags however, is lifespan, and what happens to the cloth when it gets worn or a little snagged. While some cloth types can be cut to size, these special rags often fray and leave a trail of tiny fluff behind once cut. For this reason, it’s important to note that washing these with your normal laundry might not be the best idea and could lead to a lint mess!

Microfiber is a synthetic material, so they don’t do well with heat, so be careful or the tiny threads will be scorched and the surface of the material ruined.

Careful washing and care will let such a rag live on!

One satisfying use for such a cloth is to polish silver or other metals that tarnish easily. A dollop of cleaner and a steady rubbing motion will get your items gleaming, often with a more satisfactory glow than if you used a normal old cloth.