bathroom cleaning blues

Of all rooms, bathrooms can easily collect the most dirt and grime.  Most people are frequently surprised at how dirty a bathroom gets, even just a week after they cleaned it themselves.  Over time, the soap scum and calcium deposits begin to build up again, so that even a decent cleaning leaves the room feeling dingy and old.

Staying on top of bathrooms is a cleaner's dream, but the time involved with keeping up with a few sinks, toilets, and tubs is substantial.  Cleaning services often thrive at tackling these most difficult rooms, all while keeping up the difficult maintenance of the other areas of the home.

The fact is, cleaning takes a lot of time.  Keeping home could take as much as 10 hours every couple weeks.  There aren't many people with that much free time to clean, so either the bathrooms build up more gunk, or we give up a chunk of our weekend social life.

Pro cleaners can help alleviate this problem, with an occasional deep clean - or they can revolutionize your life with a regular service.  Getting back your evenings, or weekends, might be the greatest thing you've ever done for yourself.  If not for your own sanity throughout the year, then maybe try hiring a service for an experiment - when in doubt, try it out!