saint louis covid efforts

Comparatively, Missouri has performed exceptionally in the Covid era. Even medical staffers assert that St. Louis medical response has been far above-average to excellent. As we all go around town, seeing people taking social distancing precautions, it's clear that Missourians and Illinoisans care about each other, and their families. It's no surprise as kindness has been well-noted in this area for decades as St. Louis and surrounding area has been voted among the best home in sports, such as baseball.

It's important to shout out about how great everyone is doing in a time that has presented many challenges. We are all working together to pave a greater future. The increase in family togetherness has helped many, and the internet has allowed those who remain apart to stay in close contact. This certainly is an excellent era to exist within for this situation.

May all of you have an excellent week, and push through the challenges life presents. Staying safe while helping our world move forward is a task for the best of us. Bless you to all!