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Cleaning a Car Exterior

By Lexi | October 8, 2020

When the house is clean, sometimes it’s nice to get a step ahead.  As the last weeks of warm weather set upon us, it might be nice to drag out the hose and give the old sled a nice polishing.  While automatic car washes are great, washing by hand gives you a couple advantages. WAX: A thick coat of hand polished wax is the best defense against sunlight, uv rays, resting water, and makes your paint last longer.  You can use a can of thick wax, but there are even spray waxes filling the shelves at the store.  Which should…

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Hardwood Floors and Weather Conditions

By Lexi | October 5, 2020

There are so many flooring surfaces types, and hardwood is a classic.  There are many approaches to taking care of this luxurious finish, some of which has to do with cleaning, and some which goes farther into non-regular product maintenance. When it comes to floor dirt, there are a lot of varieties: Dust/Dirt:  A light dusting and micro dirt is the most common normal dirt, and it’s often treated best with a vacuum first.  This way the dust never gets wet and so, won’t leave thicker trails or residues among the clean areas. Heavy Mud:  When the kids drag it…

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Fall is Here!

By Lexi | October 1, 2020

As the windows fly open, and the memories of summer begin to set in, the great cooling weather and the stars in the sky become more evident as the leaves begin to fall.  The yard work increases for a short while, the kids go back to school, and the hearth of the home waits.  Cool nights and crackling fires in the fireplace lay ahead, the couch and a blanket seems so welcoming.  While everyone sets out for nice autumn nights, there’s a lot of good reason to pass on everything chore-related if possible.  There’s cider to drink, and campfires to…

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Minimalism in the Kitchen

By Lexi | August 21, 2020

The kitchen is the great gathering spot for families, friends, and even just snacking by yourself.  These rooms get their fair share of clutter and it’s easy to keep packing in new gadgets and utensils.  While it’s can be hard to turn down a new recipe or the tool needed to make it, here’s some ideas on how to visit the idea of minimalism in the kitchen.  Yes, going minimal can be interesting, and while not even necessary, even one or two changes can give us a better sense of peace in this favorite room! installing tall narrow shelves on…

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Cleaning Your Car Interior

By Lexi | August 17, 2020

Few things feel greater than getting into your freshly cleaned car interior.  It’s a relatively easy checklist and sense of accomplishment that can last for over a month to follow the job.  There are many ways to freshen up an old vehicle, or bring that new-car luster to your slowly aging ride.  No matter how long its been, most cars that are not plagued by deep stains can be renewed, but, even stains can be tackled and replenished. Here’s a set of tips that will help you speed up the process, and give you better results: Get a feather duster…

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Cleaning Flat Screen T.V.

By Lexi | August 3, 2020

Keeping our giant screens clean and in tip-top shape is worth it – the picture stays crisp and clear and 3, 5, 10 years later your t.v. can look as good as the day you bought it.  Maintaining and cleaning your t.v. is just worth it! Here are a few tips to help you clean and preserve a large television: Flat Screen t.v. are best cleaned with caution, a brand-new micro-fiber cloth and an ammonia-free, alcohol-free screen cleaner. Those cleaners evaporate rapidly, so while some say using distilled water is okay, there is just no reason to use water and…

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House Cleaning Service St Louis

By Lexi | July 27, 2020

We love serving the St Louis area every day!   What does it take to provide the best service around?  It takes a desire to treat work like it matters, each step of the way!  It takes a goal to be number one, across the board.  It takes a willingness to treat people like they matter! Lexi Maids has a goal to provide solid, reliable service by people you can trust.  Every day is a new opportunity to build lasting relationships with our clients.  We want to be your cleaning company and work to prove our value every time we step…

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Cleaning Preparations

By Lexi | July 9, 2020

When it comes time to clean, having your ducks in a row makes everything smoother! 1. A hand held basket can help you move from room to room faster, bringing all you scrubbers, bottles of cleaners, and a trash bag for disposables. 2. Having fresh cleaning materials, like disposable cloths or paper products allows you to clean areas that need more disinfecting, like sinks or toilets, without worry of cross contamination. Remaining aware of contamination flow is important with all cleaning! 3. Glass cleaner bottles are notorious for leaking, so always keep them upright. The same goes with many spray…

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Cleaning Stairs Better

By Lexi | July 3, 2020

Stairs see a lot of traffic, and that traffic is unique because it leads to more wear due to pivoting, running, and feet rolling over the edge of the stairs – especially if you have kids.  Keeping stairs clean can lead to a better appearance of carpeting, due to less rub-in.  The more dirt an area has the more likely it is to pick up humidity over time, and saturate the area as pressure and foot traffic grinds it in. Spot treating small stains is great, but don’t forget those spots are wet, often for 24 hours or more.  It’s…

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Dishwasher Knowledge

By Lexi | June 22, 2020

Who likes scrubbing dishes? The good old dishwasher is there to move that task along. They’re easy to use, and require little upkeep, but let’s take a look at some small ideas that make the swirl-go-round. 1. Not all dishwashers perform as well, and some require pre-rinsing. The earlier you pre-rinse the less caked-on food must be dealt with. For the worst pots and pans, you can actually empty them of cooked food, and put a little warm water in, allowing the pan to soak at a low heat as you plate your food. This leaves far less scraping. 2.…

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