The kitchen is the great gathering spot for families, friends, and even just snacking by yourself.  These rooms get their fair share of clutter and it’s easy to keep packing in new gadgets and utensils.  While it’s can be hard to turn down a new recipe or the tool needed to make it, here’s some ideas on how to visit the idea of minimalism in the kitchen.  Yes, going minimal can be interesting, and while not even necessary, even one or two changes can give us a better sense of peace in this favorite room!

  1. installing tall narrow shelves on the inside of pantry doors can help you get things like spices, sugar, coffee related things, and many other items off your counters. It’s easy to let tons of commonly used items stay out in the open.  It’s a lot of work to put them away and dig them out every time you use them, especially if it’s daily.
  2. Take rarely used items and put them in nearby storage cabinets instead of your daily used cabinets. Rotisseries, sandwich presses, omelet makers, waffle machines, pitchers, trays, baking dishes, and all the rest,  usually have no business being next to the stuff you are using every day, like plates, glasses, Tupperware, pots and pans.  Jamming your cabinets with all those things usually means there is a lot of clanking and shifting things around.  Even if it’s not all that inconvenient, it’s a daily stress to you and the people around you.  Listening to pots banging around really is unpleasant to most people.  By moving much of the rarely used items to a nearby cabinet that might not even be in your kitchen – well, that’s just a great idea.


Less stuff usually means less mess!  Keep it cleaner and easier to keep up on your kitchen cleaning by simply getting a lot of the unused stuff out of the way!