having a clean house even with pets

Having a loving pet is one of the most rewarding things in life.  They are always there for you, and appreciate your care.  No matter where you live, from London to St. Louis, the bond with pets remains the same.  The little messes they create are also similar!

Maids are ready to tackle the common issue of pet hair that collects in small corners, and they can work with you to maintain a cleaner healthier lifestyle.  Pet dander is the number one cause of allergies, aside from seasonal outdoor pollen and mold.

Here are some tips to purify the home yourself, or with the assistance of a professional house cleaner:

1. If there are any special spots your pet likes to linger, such as a cat with a favorite hiding spot, keeping those areas clean will help your pet to appreciate a less soiled area, which adds to potty training effectiveness.

2. It’s better to keep up on pet hair clean-up, rather than wait until there is heavy visible remnants. Vacuuming regularly will ensure that pet hairs do not get embedded into the carpet with the pressure of feet treading on those areas.

3. Pets such as dogs can track a lot of dirt into the house. Small dogs can easily have their feet washed on a rainy day.  Large dogs can have a landing area made near the door, with a special matting.  A few minutes hanging out in that area will lead to their feet drying and dirt being brushed away.

4. Regular brushing of pets can lead to less shedding.

5. Regular washing with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can lead to less dander and allergenic symptoms.

6. Clean pets are typically healthier pets, as washing gives you time to find out if they are holding fleas, ticks, or other unwanted pests that can ultimately lead to contaminating the house. Bug infestations are the worst of the worst, and a little effort can pay off, big time!

Cleaning up after pets may not be the fun part, but it lets us keep our furry friends close, a and your house can still look and smell refreshingly clean.  With all the extra time needed to keep up with them, all the more reason to hire a house cleaner!