covid cleaning safety

As we watch the number of cases grow, the difficulty and devastation is a call to empathy and love.  The micro world of viruses and bacteria has always been present, but we are all feeling the current urge for  cleanliness that beckons the entire world.

Keeping a house disinfected is an important element to staying safe in cold and flu seasons, and that's only more important now.  We should all know the proper steps to sanitize our hands, bodies, and our homes.  Keeping a house free of infection is a great benefit for the Covid season we are all facing every day.  As the virus can linger on surfaces, it's important to focus on how to refrain from spreading unnecessary germs as we handle our groceries, and clean up behind ourselves as we go from the world back to our homes.

Please stay safe, and remember that sanitation and cleanliness are only as good as the weakest link - Keeping your cooking surfaces, utensils, and hands clean is half the battle.  Using the proper cleaning agent for each surface is important as well.  If you want help keeping your home tidy and clean during this time, it's necessary to take precautions - and if anyone has any flu symptoms, proper quarantines must be upheld.  Smart attention will help us all get through this year with a better outcome.   Our hearts go out to you, your family, and friends at all times!