washing machine cleaning

Due to the nature of washing machines – being that they are technically being cleaned every time you use them – regular cleaning of the machine itself is not necessary.  However, every once in a while, a machine can pick up a slight film or a subtle hint of odor.  Let’s cover some tips to keeping that tub in top shape.

First, some people like to close the lid after the clothes have been unloaded.  This can keep the interior in a permanent condition of being slightly humid, if not a little wet.  Keeping the lid open after loads will reduce the chance of a musty smell more than anything else.

Sometimes the fabric softener shelf builds up a deposit, and the drum can also build up a slight microscopic film over time.  If you are prone to use cool water to reduce shrinkage on clothing, it can be good to run a load of hot water every once in a while.  In extreme cases of film build-up, a quick round with a scrub brush and some detergent on the drum interior and the mixing pole will do wonders.

If your washer has a filter, that should be cleaned regularly to keep damp lint or material from harboring bacteria.

How often should these tasks be done?  Really there is not a single answer, because machine manufactured over the decades use different materials, and have different ranges of water temperature and drying time after use.  Doing these tasks can be beneficial once a year, or even never, but if there is any smell coming from the machine at all, then it’s good to do these things.  If you like to ensure optimal condition for your clothes washing, then once or twice a year would suffice for most machines.

Washers are generally low maintenance, but these easy tasks can keep your clothes brighter, more vibrant, and keep the laundry area of your house a bit cleaner!