best color for towels

Believe it or not, are three schools of thought pertaining to what color towels are best. Amazingly, the wrong color towel can lead to a lot of problems.

1. White Towels bleach easy, they take hot water washes without fading, and won't get splotches if you bleach your hair and use the towel to dry it.

2. Dark towels will look newer in the short to medium term because they conceal the subtle dullness that happens especially in the middle of the towel, which people use most when drying after showers. However, dark towels can get faded or a worn look sooner if we are looking at many years of use.

3. Medium tone towels conceal stains well, but do risk splotching with bleach.

We actually recommend owning both white towels and an alternative medium or dark tone towel. This means you can use the white towel when you bleach your hair, or to look resort-like when you have company (who doesn't love the hotel feel?)

While going singularly with all-white towels might sound tempting, they'll always need a separate load of wash if you expect to bleach them, which is one of the main perceived benefits of owning all white towels. This is fine, but for people who like to do one or two loads of laundry a week, the need for a separate whites load is prohibitive.

Another interesting angle goes like this... all towels are not identical in terms of size, thickness, and softness. If you have an ultra-soft dark towel, and a smaller, stiffer white towel, then you can easily spot the soft towel if that's what you're in the mood for. If all your towels were nearly the same color, then the sorting processes can be annoying, especially in dim light!