Just as with the spring, there’s a good reason to get things in tip-top condition before the cold weather rolls in.  In fact, it’s probably better to walk into winter with a shiny home.  As we close the windows and prepare to spend a bit more time indoors, it’s better and healthier to get the floors clean of the summer trails, and the dust as far away as possible.  The longer we go between dusts, the more microscopic bacteria, mites, and allergens inhabit our environment.  Even more so, the air duct system will be pushing and pulling more dust around.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to get a duct cleaning every once in a while, but having a clean home is the best way to prevent every kind of build-up.

Here’s some fun tips to make a great Autumn clean more bearable if you do it yourself.  However, always remember that Lexi Maids is here to take your scrubbing woes away.

  1. Get a couple nice Autumn scented candles, light them only when you are cleaning. The smell trigger can help take the edge of and make your home seem special as you are taking care of business.
  2. Make a new music playlist that triggers the best feelings of the Fall. This can also help transport you to a different mental space.  In fact, instead of just listening to your favorite music, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few playlists meant just for getting work done around the house!  It might make you feel a bit different and a give you a unique memory when you are mowing the grass, cleaning, or washing your car!
  3. Do a cleaning trade. Find out if you and a friend have a least-liked task.  If yours are different, then trade the task.  This works great with a spouse or roommate.
  4. Clean 20 minutes a day until the place looks great. Alternatively, you could create a reward for doing 1 hour of cleaning.  Make it a good reward, like a special treat, or a movie, or going someplace unique.
  5. Try using your vacuum to clean everything, see how far you get before you need another cleaning tool.
  6. Throw all the trash away and tidy up first. Save the cleaning for another day.

Well, the truth is, most don’t love cleaning – that’s why there’s maid services.  But if you want to wrestle the bull yourself to remember why there’s pros, give it a shot!  Pro cleaners love cleaning, it’s in their nature to restore an area or item to its original status.