Does it matter which laundry detergent we use?  It all depends on a few specific needs. Some people like extra fragrance, extra deep clean, extra affordable, or even DIY suds made just for you!  Other people have maximum sensitivity and want to be free of anything unnecessary, to avoid allergens or irritations of the body or senses.  To each, their own… but let’s look at what options we have:

First, some detergents just remove stains better, and a couple add-ins like Shout do magic.  But when in doubt, did you know that combining detergents is even an option.  One example is using an Oxy-clean type soap and also some high-grade soap that hit your clothes in two different ways.  No, that’s not a scientific endorsement, but it’s something we’ve done on our own clothes with great success.

For those with sensitive skin, even additives like lavender and citrus can carry a similar effect, so seeking out an allergen/irritation free bucket of suds might be the best way to go.

While some will assert that over-using detergent is unnecessary, the opposite issue is overpacking a washing machine and using the same small scoop.  Add some extra in to guarantee athletic odors are truly washed way.  Otherwise, overtime, clothes will just become less and less free of bacteria (and their waste) and clothing like socks can begin to harbor icky things and their smells in a subtle, but permeant manor. 

Are you the DIY type?  There are people making their own detergents, and they swear it’s easy, cheap and a single round of soap making can last upward of a year.  They’re using a simple storage container… here’s a basic recipe, but if you are really interested in this, there’s more to be found with different techniques, like bar soap dilution, or powdered soap like this recipe entails:

  1. 3-5 pounds Oxy Clean
  2. 0.5 to 1 pound super washing soda
  3. 3-5 pounds baking soda
  4. 3-4 bars soap, such as Fels-Naptha
  5. up to a pound of Borax
  6. Desired cloth-safe scent (optional)
  7. Fabric softener (optional)

The steps are not too difficult, but take precaution to avoide making dust and breathing all that dust in!

  1. Use a grater to reduce the bars of soap into fine shreds.
  2. dump all the ingredients into a container, or bucket and mix them in
  3. use 2-4 tablespoons per load depending on the size

Amazing how easy that is right?

For many, even that effort will be a little much, and there’s no problem with just buying detergent as you need it.  Time is precious, and not everyone gets a kick out of custom tailoring every product as they see fit.  For others, it could be exciting, and might even interest the older kids into doing a couple loads of laundry for you, using soap they made themselves!

Anyways, we hope you are having a wonderful summer, and if you need any help shaving a few hours of home labor from your schedule, give us a call, or simply book online! We’re here for you ?