Keeping our giant screens clean and in tip-top shape is worth it – the picture stays crisp and clear and 3, 5, 10 years later your t.v. can look as good as the day you bought it.  Maintaining and cleaning your t.v. is just worth it!

Here are a few tips to help you clean and preserve a large television:

  1. Flat Screen t.v. are best cleaned with caution, a brand-new micro-fiber cloth and an ammonia-free, alcohol-free screen cleaner. Those cleaners evaporate rapidly, so while some say using distilled water is okay, there is just no reason to use water and risk any kind of saturation into the cracks of a device.  Distilled water is great however, compared to tap water, because there will not be calcium deposits, or micro minerals to leave microscopic scratches that build up over time.
  2. While it’s tempting to reach for window cleaner, it’s actually not the best option – the chemicals are meant for stripping both exterior and interior dirt from hardy glass panels.
  3. Wax-on? Of course not!  Using any kind of furniture polish or waxy substance, (such as would be used on car paint to make it shiny) is not advisable.  Some materials benefit from an outer coating, but tech gadgets mostly do not.
  4. Should I ask my house cleaning service to clean my t.v.? Due to the expensive nature and diversity of tech products, most maids do not clean gadgets at all.  We want your gadgets maintained to your specificity, and do not want to harm them in any way, even as much as accidentally disconnecting a cable which could cause confusion later. It’s always best to maintain your gadgets personally – after all, they do not need cleaned frequently, and then you will always have peace of mind.  This goes for stereos, televisions, computers, and specialized equipment.  Other appliances such as microwaves, ovens/stoves, and refrigerators can absolutely be cleaned by your maid!
  5. While you are thinking about your t.v. – it might be good to note that mounting the television or having a very sturdy footing can bring more safety to your home and to your beloved big screen. In areas prone to earthquakes, active or ancient, it would be smart to have a safety strap, bracket, or footing in place that can handle some jostling.  These also benefit in high-traffic areas, when a push or nudge could cause a disaster.  This is even more important when you have small kids in the house!
  6. Also, keeping your t.v. boxes in storage can guarantee no damage in a move. Many people, even with great precaution, end up damaging their screen with pressure marks that never go away, or drops and cracks.  Having the original box means you can even pack several t.v. into a single car and feel very safe about it!

A good screen can last as long as the tech can hold out, might as well take a few precautions and clean with care.  It’s easy to scratch or drop a t.v., but very hard to fix them once the damage is done!