dishwasher loading in action

Who likes scrubbing dishes? The good old dishwasher is there to move that task along. They’re easy to use, and require little upkeep, but let’s take a look at some small ideas that make the swirl-go-round.

1. Not all dishwashers perform as well, and some require pre-rinsing. The earlier you pre-rinse the less caked-on food must be dealt with. For the worst pots and pans, you can actually empty them of cooked food, and put a little warm water in, allowing the pan to soak at a low heat as you plate your food. This leaves far less scraping.

2. Angle dishes down and leave the right amount of room. Without this, the heavily used surfaces just won’t see enough water.

3. Over packing utensils into the small container will allow them to get intertwined and block them from spray. It’s better to under-load the container, and spread the utensils out a little.

4. It can be tempting to skimp on the detergent, but overall this will lead to more issues than it’s worth. Disinfecting dishes is important, and accumulating calcium deposits can add up over time.

5. Make sure the hot water heater is engaged before starting the dishwasher. If you start the washer and the house water has not been used in a while, the machine gets cold water first. This can contract some of the grime and make it more difficult to come off.

Modern dishwashers don’t require much rinsing, or any at all. It might be worth investing into such a machine, as your time is valuable. Being able to fill a washer with the entire meal of dishes, running the load, and finding pristine clean dishes is an excellent feeling. The old machines leave much in wanting – as pre-rinsing often feels a lot like simply washing the dishes, which is why households with one or two people often don’t even bother running the dishwasher!

Also, some people eat less meals per day. Having a household with several kids that all eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner would make having a modern, super dishwasher a real treat. For those who partake in intermittent fasting, and don’t have kids, it may be easier to just scrub the dishes by hand. That said, getting out of some chore work always feels good!