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Erin Bailey

Thanks for such great service! It's nice to come home from a long day at work and just have everything done for you. I wish I could afford a personal chef then life would be complete. At least I have reliable cleaners to fill the gap. I'm going hiking this weekend instead of cleaning. YESSS!

Celia Mackie

Hiring pros is worth it. Lexi Maids does the work, no newbie cleaner shows up confused. They get in and get to work! I made the mistake of hiring a dirt cheap cleaning service and didn't know what I paid for, the place looked barely touched.
Lexi maids scrub, shine and leave me feeling great every time they finish. Worth it!


Darren Moore

When my cleaner "retired" I had a hard time finding someone as good as her. Lexi Maids has been on point. The first cleaner they introduced me to had years of experience and would listen when I needed something. The list of issues I've had with companies in the past are long, some were rude, some were dodgy, some just couldn't clean thier way out of a paper bag. Why would I pay someone to do something I can do way better myself?

Hire these girls, they are fantastic.


Torry O'Brian

I had a great experience with Lexi Maids when we booked them. The website was easy to use to schedule the appointment and I did a couple add on services and everything went great. My cleaner was friendly and I think she has an eye for detail even better than me, so I scheduled them for next week!


Anthony Harris

I do remodeling for homes and when everything's finished sometimes we need a clean up. After trying a few services, I like Lexi Maids the most and will use them again and recommend them to anyone


Gary Carter

Lexi Maids handles our rental and airBNB. If my tenants are happy then I'm good, and I'm not always in the city to check on things, but the good word keeps coming back to me. It's just easy to keep hiring them and I can get on with my life.


Mary Sullivan

I finally found a good cleaning service, our cleaner did exactly what I hoped. There were a few odd things I needed looked after, like the inside of cabinets which were dirty for some reason so i got the kitchen deep cleaned and for a week I smiled at how shiny our kitchen was. I still use them and they do a good job every time.


Jasmine Lawrence

They gave me a better job than expected overall. I've used cleaning services for a long time and it can be hit or miss. Sometimes it's hard to time the appointment as far as me letting them in, but they do good.

I tried a cheaper service before and well, let's just say I got what I paid for. I think I can trust these cleaners to do it right and the guy on the phone said they'll make it right, so that's good.


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