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BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: What is an important part of cleaning professionally?

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: Which one of these helps cleaning tasks?

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: What type of common cleaning tool is our most used?

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: How to use the scraper:

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: What's one good way to move more efficiently?

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: Why do we use apron loops for stowing the main spray bottles?

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: Why do we use two different tooth brushes for detailed edge cleaning?

BASIC CLEANING TOOLS: What's a good way to keep your tote clean?

KITCHEN CLEANING: What is an important rule for cleaning sprays?

KITCHEN CLEANING: What direction do we work around room?

KITCHEN CLEANING: What order do we clean rooms?

KITCHEN CLEANING: When do we mop in a room?

KITCHEN CLEANING: What is the best way to slide heavy items across hard floors?

KITCHEN CLEANING: "If it isn't dirty, don't clean it" means...

KITCHEN CLEANING: When should we stand on countertops?

KITCHEN CLEANING: What should not be used to clean natural stone, epoxy, or granite countertops?

KITCHEN CLEANING: When should I remove the mop cloth?

BATHROOM CLEANING: What is the plastic cup used for?

BATHROOM CLEANING: How are we currently cleaning toilet exteriors?

BATHROOM CLEANING: What should I do if I must stand in a tub to clean shower doors?

BATHROOM CLEANING: What's a good rule about wiping surfaces as we clean them?

LIVING AREAS: When do we use the backpack vacuum?

LIVING AREAS: How much wall scrubbing do we do?

LIVING AREAS: Dust rags should be...

TOOL CARE: Backpack vacuums should...

TOOL CARE: Backpack vacuums should...

TOOL CARE: The Shark Rocket Vacuum has...

TOOL CARE: The Shark Rocket is...

JOB MANAGEMENT: About cleaning sprays...

JOB MANAGEMENT: Adding a lot of extra concentrate is...

JOB MANAGEMENT: When in doubt...

JOB MANAGEMENT: When doing Team cleaning...

JOB MANAGEMENT: If another cleaner is cleaning really slow on purpose, running the clock, missing tasks a lot, doing nothing while you are cleaning, or is leaving appointments to go shopping at the mall..

JOB MANAGEMENT: Do we need to clock in and leave the GPS appointment app running during appointments?

JOB MANAGEMENT: What does Lexi Maids love and support?